Each of the eight rooms at Garrett House has a personal touch. That’s because each room is looked after by a different collector, and each collector has a specialty that compliments the others. The end result is a cache of rare finds for our guests.

Here is a brief description of the eight rooms at Garrett House:

  • The Chicken Coop
    Collector: Tiffani
    Specialities: restored furniture, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint
  • The Treasure Box
    Collector: Phyllis
    Specialties: new and vintage jewelry, oriental pieces
  • The Sunporch
    Collector: Adele
    Specialties: vintage glassware, flatware, lamps
  • The Doll Room
    Collector: Adele
    Specialities: American Girl Dolls, children’s toys
  • The Dog Run
    Collector: JMG
    Specialities: vintage fans
  • The Red Room
    Collector: Kathy
    Specialties: depression glass, items from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, baseball memorabilia, tea sets
  • The Rose Room
    Collector: Carla
    Specialities: candles, fragrant soaps, journals, stemware
  • Jenny’s Memories
    Collector: Jenny
    Specialities: vintage clothing, fishing hardware (e.g. reels, lines, tackle boxes)