Garrett House hasn’t always been on Caroline Street. In fact, it started out as two separate houses, which—after being combined—were located at the corner of Houston and Eva Streets.

A brief history of the premises:

  1. The earliest known owner of the house was H. F. Sanders, whose ownership was noted just before its sale on October 1st, 1908.
  2. V. D. Rabon assumed ownership of the house on February 1st, 1915. It became a rental property under Mrs. Rabon’s ownership.
  3. The H. P. Fullen family rented the house from 1939-1946.
  4. In 1946, Mrs. Rabon sold the house to H. P. Fullen, who maintained ownership of the property until 1982.
  5. In October 1982, the Fullen heirs sold the house to M. F. and M. E. Maghee.
  6. In 2003, the house was sold by the Maghees to Joe Shockley—to be moved and restored.